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Micro Computer High Frequency
Inversion Spot Welder
Semco SI-MW-10KW

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Product Features:

  • The contour is artistic, uses the microcomputer control, each parameter keyboard establishment, adjustment. LCD demonstrated the establishment parameter, accurate, direct-viewing, is convenient. 

  • Welding spark small, weld point invariable color, welding more reliable, welding time short, may cause the hot influence to fall to is slightly small to the electricity core intrinsic characteristic influence; to power source compatibility stronger, the welding pressure direct demonstration, with the traditional exchange pulse, the electric capacity stored energy welding apparatus compares, the welding completes after the battery surface to be cleaner; the high accuracy welding, gives off heat evenly; The welding parameter hypothesis Scope is broader.

  • It’s suitable for welding the button battery, Ni-MH Rechargeable batteries, and other Coin Cells to make battery packs.

  • Power Supply Voltage: AC220V±10%/50Hz

  • Output Power: 10KVA

  • Drive form: Pneumatic/Pedal

  • Output signal: Opt-electronic switch

  • Welding current: 0-99

  • Electrode diameter: ∮3

  • Electrode adds the pressure: 0.5-4kgf

  • Welding power Double pulse: Inversion power source

  • Electrode travel: 10mm

  • Production Capacity: 600 PCS/Hour

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