SEMCO HYNN independent HYN-BMS-128CELL EH battery pack BMS test equipment, can outputs multi-channel programmable high precision voltage and current to power battery pack BMS system. And test if the BMS system can sample correctly and operate reliably. Support BMS module functional test within 128 strings.

  • Open-circuit voltage and load voltage test

  • Charging test function

  • Discharging test function

  • Single charging overvoltage protection function test

  • Single discharging undervoltage function test

  • Single static consumption current test

  • Single equalizing current test

  • Charging overcurrent protection test

  • Discharging overcurrent protection test

  • Charging over-temperature protection test

  • Discharging over-temperature protection test

  • DC internal resistance test

  • Voltage comparison function

  • Current comparison function

  • Temperature comparison function

  • International standard fast charge interface and communication test