6CH MFSM 33145-40140

  • Sorting data settings
  • Sorting template generation
  • Sorting record query
  • Idle times setting
  • Compensation value setting
The Number of Sorting Stalls6 stalls (5 good stalls, 1 NG gear)
Sorting Efficiency50-60PPM
Applicable Battery Specifications18-40MM, length: 135-140MM intervals can be applied

All in One Sorting Machine

  • Voltage Internal Resistance Test
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Ten-level Sorting
  • Sorting efficiency: ≥2800 pieces/hour
Working VoltageAC 220V±10%/50Hz, power: ≤1.5 KW
Sorting Efficiency≥ 45PPM
Adapt to Battery Specifications33140/32142/40135 finished battery cells
Dimensions1500 (length) × 900 (width) × 1600 (height) mm

Battery Charging Discharging Machines

  • Input Power AC380V±15% 50/60±5Hz
  • Power Factor ≥99%(Full load)
  • THDi ≤5%(Full Load)
  • Input Resistance ≥1MΩ
  • Input Power 50.8KW
  • Input current 77.2A/Single
  • Overall System Efficiency (Max) 90%
  • Noise ≤65dB
  • Voltage and current sampling Four-wire connection (Same Port for Charging and Discharging)
  • Power control module type MOSFET

Battery Management System Testers [BMST]

  • Short Circuit Protection Test: Refers to the real short circuit protection test microsecond level
  • Drop Test: It means that the signal line of a certain section can be detected if it falls off or breaks
  • Power Consumption Test: Refers to the true and accurate power consumption of each section
  • Equalization Current and Equalization Voltage: Equalization Current and Equalization Voltage
Input Power Requirement180 ~ 240V 50/60 Hz, power: 700W
Charge and Discharge Voltage5000mV ~ 160000mV
Current Accuracy± (0.1% FS+0. 1% RD)

Laser Welding Machines

  • Independent research and development design, high precision machine tool, stable and reliable long life
  • Equipped with high-response, high-precision servo motors
  • International first-class quality fiber laser, industrial application for many years, long life, maintenance-free
  • High-precision laser welding head, imported optical lens, fine focus, convenient adjustment, perfect welding
  • Operating mode Continuous/modulation
Rated Output Power3000W
Center Wavelength (NM)1080
Switching Light Time(US)20
Frequency (kHZ)1000—5000