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SEMCO HYNN power battery testing system is mainly designed for power battery. Designed with high accuracy, high flexibility, and high performance, it can meet all test requirements for battery with the range of 0-5V (Voltage), 20mA-30A-2000A (Current).



  • Battery formation and capacity grading production

  • Battery cycle life test

  • Battery capacity test

  • DCIR test

  • Battery charging / discharging characteristics test

  • Battery charge retention test

  • Battery charging / discharging efficiency test

  • Battery deep / constant voltage discharge test

  • Batter over charging / over discharging bearing capacity test

  • Battery dynamic test

  • Battery slope discharging / pulse discharging test

  • The device is of energy conservation and high efficiency with its discharged energy fed back to the power grid, resulting in low heat generation;

  • The device accuracy is 0.05 % with a data record time 100 mS at a time, featuring high stability;

  • Single points are independent, enabling the separate setting of each channel for charging and discharging conditions;

  • Such protection functions as input and output, software and hardware, reverse connection and power continuity are completely equipped;

  • The channel starts without surge current occurrence, and the switch from constant current to constant voltage is seamless without any current surges;

  • Multi-layer network integrated management enables one computer to control all;

  • Multiple channels paralleled for current expansion are supported;

  • DCIR test processes can be customized;

  • Slope discharging / pulse discharging test is supported

  • The hardware of the device is modularly designed with each separate channel consisting of one or more modules;

  • The device adopts the DC-DC conversion method. Different from the traditional linear power supply method, it produces low heat during testing, which avoids the problems of device test safety and stability caused by heat, and reduces 

  • energy consumption in the process of testing;

  • Imported alloy materials are used as current sampling units with a small amount of full-load current output drift, which can effectively ensure the stability of large current testing and reliability of full-range and long-time operation accuracy;

  • Multi-channels in parallel use are supported to meet the requirements of the laboratory for testing batteries of different models and specifications;

  • The function of detecting circuit abnormalities is provided, capable of detecting abnormities of voltage sampling lines and current lines in real time;

  • The soft start mode is adopted for the equipment current output, preventing the impact on the battery from an output current surge;

  • The control circuit in the device hardware employs current and voltage dual-loop control with a smooth switch from constant current to constant voltage and without a peak surge;

  • The device has a function of testing a DC inner resistance and can be used for detecting the potential safety hazards in the battery and the uniformity of the battery

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