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Automatic warehouse logistics system has become an essential part of the logistics industry, along with the development of modern technology and production scale. The born of automatic warehouse logistics system has changed the development model of traditional logistics warehouse in work load and efficiency. So far, the system is widely used in the automatic production industry of lithium battery.

  • Conditional classification of open circuit voltage of battery

  • Conditional classification of battery discharging capacity

  • Conditional classification of K value of battery

  • Conditional classification of battery platform capacity

  • Comprehensive classification of battery parameters

  • Screening for elimination of NG defectives

  • The automated three-dimensional warehouse system consists of a three-dimensional warehouse, high-rise shelf warehouse, automatic access system, materials haulage equipment, control, and management equipment, and civil utilities, etc. It is the collective creation of high technologies in the modern logistics industry, integrating machinery, electricity, software, communication, and information with multiple sets of different mechanical devices being interconnected inside, thus achieving the intelligent effect under the control of electricity and software.

  • Saving the space of the warehouse and fully utilizing the vertical space of the warehouse.

  • Three-dimensional warehouse forms an advanced production chain and promotes the development of productivity.

  • On one hand, fully mechanization and automation of the warehouse processes can economize manpower and reduce labor costs, on the other hand, can improve working efficiency greatly.

  • Warehousing management relying on the computer can easily achieve "first-in-first-out", prevent the cargo from aging, deterioration, and rust and avoid cargo loss.

  • Centralized cargo allocation is easy for controlling and management. Especially, the use of electronic computer not only achieves the automatic control of operations, but also enables information processing.

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